Technical Specifications :

■   More reliable way of opening and close
■   Manual function : When it out of electricity or controllers do not work properly, will operate by the hand-wheel.
■   Keyboard locked function: The key set will lock automatic exceed one minute, you must open the lock over again when you operate, prevent wrong
■   It adopts LED dynamic colorful screen: The colorful screen flicker express it is in the state of running, otherwise express it is in the state of regeneration.
■   Prompt power cut secularly: Out of electricity exceed three days, you must reinstall the currently time when the timepiece flicker ceaselessly, the already
setting time is not changed.
■   No coming water while single pot type control valve regeneration
■   Having output signal connector: via three port of open, close, common down-lead to connect the electromagnetism valve or increase-pressure pumps.
■   Two modes of flow meter: By changing the process parameter to realize to change the mode to be volume delayed (A-01) or volume timely (A-02).
■   It could set up maximum interval regeneration days: This parameter means no matter how much flux it is set, or how much flux treated, when it exceeds
the maximum interval generation days (could be set within 0 to 40 days), than it will start up regeneration although the flux is not reached the set value.

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