Selec (Partnership in Sri Lanka)

Selec Controls is a pioneer in the field of electronics research and development. We have inbuilt core competencies in the domains of manufacturing, design, tooling, and plastic manufacturing complying with global standards. Selec has unique innovative solutions with an unabating focus on customer-centric problems. We have expanded our capabilities to accommodate a wide range of products in the portfolio incorporating the finest quality and service. Selec has an exemplary thought mechanism, which is centered around empathy and courage in our approach to propose smart solutions to our customers. Currently, we are a leading Indian company in industrial Electronics dealing in – Automation (PLC and HMI), Process Control, Electrical measurements, and Protection and time relays. We are present globally with a wide network to support our customers at every step.

Selec Meters

Meters are devices for the measurement of electrical parameters like Voltage, Current, Power, Power factor, Frequency, Energy etc.

The company provides Multifunction Meters, Energy Meters, VAF Meter, Voltmeter, Ammeter, Frequency Meter, Power Factor Meters, etc.

The meters are used along with current transformers which is used to step down current so as to measure it through various digital and analog measuring devices.

These measuring devices can be used in Control panels, Industrial, Commercial & Residential applications, Power distribution panels, Energy management systems, Test bench applications, and many more.

Ammeters are available in 4 Digit LED as well as LCD display with bargraph indication. Available in 4 different sizes to meet various application needs. Rated current 6.2A max

Voltmeters are available in 3 & 4 Digit LED as well as LCD display with bargraph indication. Available in 4 different sizes to meet various application needs. Can measure upto 516V max

Protection Relays

Protection relays are devices that act as a circuit breaker when a fault is detected in the circuit.

We provide protection relays like Earth Leakage Relay, Phase Sequence Relay, Voltage Protection Relay, Earth Fault Relay, Motor Protection Relay, Water level Controller, Pump protection Relay, Thermistor protection Relay, Current protection Relays, etc.

These devices provide detection of abnormal operating conditions such as over-current, under-current, overvoltage, under voltage, reverse power flow, over-frequency, and under-frequency, phase loss, phase sequence, phase asymmetry, neutral loss detection, etc.

These relays can be used in Control panels, machine controls, generators, steel industries, oil refineries, factories, etc…

Digital VPR helps to protect load from Over and under voltage and Frequency. It incorporates LCD display which helps user to identify the exactly fault on field without any waste of time. VPR can be programmed for On time delay, Trip time delay and Response time delay.

Analog VPR helps to protect load from Over and Under voltage. It additionally protects load from phase failure and phase reversal. The LED indications helps to identify user with the status of load.

Digital ELR not just protects but also warns user of any leakage current that could harm humans. It incorporates 2 relays, wherein 1 of the relay could be programmed to give advance alarm.

Accessory for ELR, Core balanced current transformer with diameter 35, 70, 120, 210 and 310mm

Temperature Controllers

Digital Temperature Controller, with Bright LED’s Single/ Dual Display, upto 4 Digits display variants with TC/RTD input and Relay output



Srinath Wijayakumara
    Srinath Wijayakumara

    (Sep 28,2022)

    Thank you Dasun for your wonderful service even after a couple of years of the installation. No hiccups in the system or devices to date. But the best is your teams after sales support. That is beyond the expectation. Thank you again, Dasun and the Macksons Solar team.

    Tharindu Buddhika Deshappriya
      Tharindu Buddhika Deshappriya

      (Aug 30, 2022)

      Bought 8 460w JA solar panels from Macksons solar and I highly recommend their customer service. Contacted Mr. Dasun Harshana and deposited money and got the panels from their warehouse. Panels were well kept in their warehouses and all the bills were handed over to me at the delivery. Really appreciate the effort of Mr. Dasun and the team. Thank you and I recommend this company to anyone.

      Prasad Yatagampitiya
        Prasad Yatagampitiya

        (Jan 5, 2022)

        Very professional service, can recommend the Macksons Solar company without hesitation. Excellent teamwork especially Dasun, Atheek & the rest of the team for your dedication. Thanks again Dasun for your timeless response.

        Rasika Gunasena
          Rasika Gunasena

          (Dec 22, 2021)

          We had very nice experience when dealing with Macksons team during installation of our solar system. They were so efficient and effective. Commitment of Mr. Atheek and Mr. Dasun is praiseworthy. Job well done. Thanks, Macksons.

          Felicia Mc Shane
            Felicia Mc Shane

            (Mar 23, 2021)

            My experience in getting Solar through Macksons was extremely satisfactory. From the sales team headed by Mr. Atheek to Dasun who came for the installation and Thushara who assisted In the wiring were excellent. Seeing their work at my home so many friends too have contacted Macksons Solar. This is real development for the country. I wish them all success.